Friday, July 9, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Faith Can Do by Kutless


.....love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control.....there seems to be no conditions...for these actions....they are the fruit of the Spirit.....actions that grow from belonging to JESUS CHRIST and having HIS Spirit within us. However, there are times when I do not express these actions in situations....Why is that I wonder? Who is it I am focused on? What is it that I want? Who isn't doing what is expected? Simply said......I am not loving......I am not loving the LORD......I am not putting HIM first....for when I do....no one can hurt me....no one can disappoint me....no one can offend me...I am out of the picture...JESUS is! LORD help me to keep YOU first in my heart and mind so that I have room for others! Fruit is sweet....may I be able to bless others with the sweetness of JESUS CHRIST...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


When we feel helpless during a family members illness....or a friends financial difficulty...we can turn to the LORD and lift up our concerns to HIM in prayer! What better place to take our concerns...but to the ONE who gave up everything for us. JESUS took our sins upon HIMSELF and our punishment. HE gave up HIS dignity and they took alll HIS material possessions away so that HE would be naked before those that would crucify HIM. HE was laid bare before GOD. We can not ever hide our heart before GOD. All of who we are is laid bare before GOD'S eyes. What amazes me is that HE loves us and JESUS willingly went to the Cross for us.We need to acknowledge WHO JESUS IS...and then accept HIM as LORD and SAVIOR of our lives!HE loved us then and now and forever! HE IS THE SAME! JESUS does not change!HIS love never changes!Knowing and trusting in that love ...I know that HE cares about what concerns me. We cannot stay worried..we are then wasting the strength that HE gives us for the day at hand! We are not believing HIS WORD and promises if we are worried about tomorrow. The GOD of heaven and earth...our CREATOR....HEAVENLY FATHER...SAVIOR...came down to earth to suffer and die for us. Why would we not believe and trust HIM?! HE loves us and we can bring everything to HIM in prayer! HE waits for us and intercedes for us in our behalf and JESUS prays for us! So what is it that you need to bring before our loving LORD in prayer? Will you trust him with it? Do you believe HE is able to work in thae situation? Do you believe in the power of our HOLY ALMIGHTY LOVING GOD? If you do.....then PRAY.....BELIEVE...TRUST ...and rest in HIS PEACE! Let HIM take it....HE is able to do all things!GOD BLESS YOU!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is so easy to get discouraged. All we have to do is put our Bible down and walk out our front door. We could pick up a newspaper or turn on the tv to the latest news. Someone could hurt our feelings, intentionally or not. We could be struggling with a personal trial or trying to overcome a sin pattern.We could be sick physically,emotionally or spiritually. I guess the question is still the same...Are we trusting that GOD is in control? If GOD is in control...than HE has allowed our circumstances to be what they are. HIS WORD says HE loves us. JESUS also says that we will have troubles.My problems arise when I take my eyes off the LORD. When I am not in HIS WORD daily,my focus turns to myself and my troubles. The troubles don't go away, but I remember JESUS is right there with me.I know I am to obey CHRIST no matter the circumstances. In my flesh I want to feel sorry for myself and hide.That is not what CHRIST calls me to do. HE calls me to step forward in faith in HIM and to trust HIM and obey HIM.My circumstances may not change for awhile, but JESUS CHRIST never changes. HE has promised me life with HIM , forever.HE waits for me to turn my eyes back to HIM ...and then HE is my strength and hope.HE has never left,I just got distracted! What a loving GOD we have, how patient is HE....to be right there,beside us,knowing our hearts and thoughts ,and still willing to love us...unconditionally!Every morning is a "new" beginning. We are never alone. JESUS CHRIST is right there with us. HE is the ONE who is sustaining us in our despair...HE loves us with a love everlasting........

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Let us remember to pray for the people of Haiti. There are so many without food, water, shelter, medical help. We received an email from a pastor our church sponsors there. He was trying to prepare the words for the funeral of a 15 year old. There are so many needs to pray for! Those who don't know CHRIST are totally without hope and in despair. I pray that someone would reach them not only with the physical needs, but with spiritual hope and comfort. There is so much devastation there. Before the earthquake, our church was trying to send a tractor over to Haiti. We never quite could get all the funds needed. I believe GOD was protecting the tractor for them. If we would have sent it , I am sure it would have been destroyed in the earthquake. My prayer now is that they will receive the tractor there at the right time. GOD'S timing. GOD is in control of all things. HE is a GOD of mercy. HIS ways are above ours. One thing we can do is to pray and trust that HE will give courage, hope, and srength to those who need HIM desperately now. We as a church can get together and send support to the people of Haiti through our churches and through our missionaries. There are so many children there who are homeless and without family now more than ever. I pray that the LORD would provide what they need. HE alone can. We can be HIS hands and feet.

Monday, January 11, 2010


It is wonderful to come to repentance and faith in CHRIST JESUS! It is a blessed day when we are baptized in HIS name! What a picture to the world...we are not ashamed of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! HE is LORD! However, I am always disappointed at myself when I get a chance to share the truth of WHO HE IS and what HE has done and I am silent......Maybe it is an awkward time...I don't have the perfect words...maybe I know it would cause a stir......The thing is...I have to remember that usually the WORDS of CHRIST did cause a stir! Did JESUS keep silent for fear of rejection? Did HE keep silent because HE knew not everyone would believe HIM? Did HE keep silent to blend in and not cause a stir.......hmmmmm.......... I wonder how many chances I have missed to share the love of JESUS and failed because I wasn't trusting HIM? Trust. There is that word again.There is no better time than now....especially in our world today to share the love of JESUS! The next time there is an opportunity to reach out and stand firm in my faith, I will! Whether it is to speak out or to remain silent(not join in) I will.There is work for us to do and JESUS is all we need to stengthen and encourage us! As long as we speak truth "in love"...we can trust CHRIST will finish the work HE has started. All we have to do is to trust and obey HIM. Let us all keep our eyes upon HIM ! Let us love HIM and love each other. BLESS YOU ALL!


For too many years I have served myself. Believing the world's lie," You come frst!" I struggled through many years of pride and selfishness. CHRIST in HIS mercy called me to HIM and HE is now helping me to live for HIM. Don't get me wrong....living for the world and myself for too long is not easy to overcome on my own. I still struggle with the world and myself. I can't blame the devil anymore because I know GOD'S WORD and JESUS CHRIST is my SAVIOR. The question that I am always faced with is,"Are your eyes on CHRIST?" PRAISE GOD! HE is COMPASSIONATE,PATIENT,MERCIFUL, and LOVING! HE does have a plan and a purpose for my life! Where HE places me to serve HIM is not something I have ever understood. Surely there are more qualified people?! YES! HE however chooses to place us where HE can work through us and reveal to us HIS strength, and ability. HE is teaching us to trust HIM! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve. All that HE requires of us is a willing heart. HE will do the rest if we turn to HIM in trust and reliance! Where is GOD calling you to serve HIM? Are you thinking,"There must be someone more qualified for the job."? The truth is the ONE who will be doing the work is able and qualified! It is GOD! All we have to do is SHOW UP! I pray that you trust HIM wherever HE places you and that you would rely on HIM totally throughout your service to JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOR! may GOD BLESS YOU and your willingness to serve HIM who came for us!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ever wonder what those words really entail? We know it is a "new" year, but what has really changed? Happy....what does happy really mean? It is different for all of us. I pray that JESUS would continue to work out in me the work HE has begun in me...and you....what HE has started would continue on.....that we all would be more obedient to HIS direction and call. I pray for HIS continued peace and joy. Everlasting contentment in all situations. Content with what HE has done and what HE is doing and what HE has promised to do! This journey is not easy. It is different for each one of us. I am so thankful that our LORD meets us where we are and never leaves us! JESUS knows us and HE still loves us! I can't fathom that, but I am thankful for HIM and for HIS love. GOD'S WORD says lean not on your own understanding.......Sometimes I wonder why do I worry or let fear get a grip on me for my situations or what my family or friends have struggles in. I haven't lost hope, yet I become fearful. I know GOD is in control of all things! I know GOD is GOOD! I think for me the answer is pretty simple...I have taken my eyes off "who" GOD is. HE is LORD ALMIGHTY ,POWERFUL and able to accomplish all things,HE knows what is best and what we need. HE is HOLY and RIGHTEOUS,yet MERCIFUL,PATIENT and LOVING.HE is our PROVIDER,SAVIOR,REDEEMER,GUIDE,PROTECTOR,ROCK,STRONG TOWER, SHEPHERD,THE GATE,LIVING WATER,BREAD OF LIFE,HE is able to heal us physically,spiritually,mentally,and emotionally.HE is all we need. Time to keep my eyes on HIM! So I guess I will pray for you to have A BLESSED YEAR WITH JESUS.....seeking HIM in HIS WORD....relying on....trusting in and abiding in HIM ...CONTENT IN HIM......GOD BLESS YOU!