Monday, January 11, 2010


For too many years I have served myself. Believing the world's lie," You come frst!" I struggled through many years of pride and selfishness. CHRIST in HIS mercy called me to HIM and HE is now helping me to live for HIM. Don't get me wrong....living for the world and myself for too long is not easy to overcome on my own. I still struggle with the world and myself. I can't blame the devil anymore because I know GOD'S WORD and JESUS CHRIST is my SAVIOR. The question that I am always faced with is,"Are your eyes on CHRIST?" PRAISE GOD! HE is COMPASSIONATE,PATIENT,MERCIFUL, and LOVING! HE does have a plan and a purpose for my life! Where HE places me to serve HIM is not something I have ever understood. Surely there are more qualified people?! YES! HE however chooses to place us where HE can work through us and reveal to us HIS strength, and ability. HE is teaching us to trust HIM! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve. All that HE requires of us is a willing heart. HE will do the rest if we turn to HIM in trust and reliance! Where is GOD calling you to serve HIM? Are you thinking,"There must be someone more qualified for the job."? The truth is the ONE who will be doing the work is able and qualified! It is GOD! All we have to do is SHOW UP! I pray that you trust HIM wherever HE places you and that you would rely on HIM totally throughout your service to JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOR! may GOD BLESS YOU and your willingness to serve HIM who came for us!

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  1. Too many of us have wasted far too much time living in the worlds lies! I praise GOD that HE is able to reign victorious in and through all our lives.
    Blessings, andrea