Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am not sure if anyone will see this....but here goes. It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything. My husband had some medical issues; surgery. Then he lost his job. Then he had to have two more surgeries. He is doing well now. He also has since found another job. We had some financial setbacks also. There also was some extended family dilemma. While none of these reasons are an excuse...they sure took up some time and more importantly my attention. I want to share that in all the craziness GOD was with us all. HE is FAITHFUL even if we are faithless. HE gave us the hope and strength and truth that we needed during this time. I have to say that frankly; I forgot about my blog. My focus was on my husband and our family. Time seems to slip away and we don't even notice. I can look back on it all and see GOD's SOVEREIGN hand in it all. HIS perfect timing. HIS perfect protection and provision. I had just stepped out of leadership in a Bible Study I was involved with for 9 years. However, GOD had planned for my husband ,son and I to join a Care Group just before all my husband's medical issues. These people GOD had placed in our lives turned out to be a true blessing! Our church family was amazing also, how they stepped up to help also. I am convinced that all the prayers rising to heaven were what helped to keep my husband going and encouraged. It has been awhile now since all that. My husband has a job now that is much better suited to him. It is less physically demanding. He is doing wonderful! We have made close friends with those who were in our Care Group. GOD does place people in our lives to encourage us. We need them to pray for us and hold us accountable to CHRIST. It is easy to become discouraged and disappointed in this world. My prayer is that I would always have someone to "kick me in the pants" when I need it! I also am thankful for friends who are courageous enough to speak truth in love to me, and my family. I have since joined another Bible Study and of course, they asked me into leadership. I did pray about it and felt so excited about it I couldn't wait to tell them,"Yes!" Definitely it was GOD's leading. I am totally convinced GOD can use anyone. I never feel qualified...I always feel inadequate...I always wish I was more knowledgeable...yet I know GOD doesn't call the qualified HE qualifies the called. It is only when we are totally focused on JESUS that we are of any use! When we are focused on HIM; giving HIM the glory; HE works through us! Otherwise we are walking in our own strength and it won't be long before we will fail and fall on our face. We must trust HIM. We must trust in HIS WORD. We must trust in HIS Sovereignty....over people, circumstances, and nations. HE is KING! My heart is focused on JESUS. I will stay in HIS WORD. I will pray and ask HIM for the courage and strength to follow HIM. I will love HIM and love others as HE loves me. Like I said I will be praying! For those of you who have taken the time to read this...THANK YOU! May you always keep JESUS before you in your thoughts and heart. GOD BLESS YOU!

Monday, June 6, 2011


How often do I REJOICE in my day?
Every new morning is a gift and blessing from GOD. If it is a difficult day...HE has something HE wants to teach me. If it is a blessed day HE has shown me HIS mercy and generous love. Today I look out at the sunshine and blue sky of a June month. HE has created it all! This morning HIS creation sang out in song to HIM! Isn't this what I should be doing? Praising HIM with my tongue and with my actions? HE is in control of all things and of all nations. Those who rule or govern nations and countries are there because our SOVEREIGN LORD has allowed it. HIS plan and purpose will not ever be thwarted. What a MIGHTY GOD we love and serve! Don't you just get excited about what HE will be working out in your life?! I do! The LORD has blessed me so! HE has given me a new song to sing...a song of love and praise to HIM my LORD and SAVIOR!Who can I bless today?!
May the LORD JESUS CHRIST give you HIS peace today and may you always know HIS love!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hope all had a blessed Easter! What a day to celebrate! JESUS is Risen! HE is Alive! HE loves us! I saw a license plate today that read...WAITIN....Yes..I am "waitin" too! I am anxious for HIS return! When I think on all that JESUS is...WHO HE is...what HE has done for all of us...how HE works in our hearts and in our lives...HE never gives up on us....HIS love....I could go on forever.....HE amazes me! HIS love astounds me! HE is all we will ever need! HE is the answer to every question we will ever have! He is Alive! JESUS is sitting at the right hand of GOD.... and HE loves us so! I pray that you would focus all your attention on JESUS and trust in HIS sovereignty! HE is in control!
may GOD bless you......

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Faith Can Do by Kutless


.....love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control.....there seems to be no conditions...for these actions....they are the fruit of the Spirit.....actions that grow from belonging to JESUS CHRIST and having HIS Spirit within us. However, there are times when I do not express these actions in situations....Why is that I wonder? Who is it I am focused on? What is it that I want? Who isn't doing what is expected? Simply said......I am not loving......I am not loving the LORD......I am not putting HIM first....for when I do....no one can hurt me....no one can disappoint me....no one can offend me...I am out of the picture...JESUS is! LORD help me to keep YOU first in my heart and mind so that I have room for others! Fruit is sweet....may I be able to bless others with the sweetness of JESUS CHRIST...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


When we feel helpless during a family members illness....or a friends financial difficulty...we can turn to the LORD and lift up our concerns to HIM in prayer! What better place to take our concerns...but to the ONE who gave up everything for us. JESUS took our sins upon HIMSELF and our punishment. HE gave up HIS dignity and they took alll HIS material possessions away so that HE would be naked before those that would crucify HIM. HE was laid bare before GOD. We can not ever hide our heart before GOD. All of who we are is laid bare before GOD'S eyes. What amazes me is that HE loves us and JESUS willingly went to the Cross for us.We need to acknowledge WHO JESUS IS...and then accept HIM as LORD and SAVIOR of our lives!HE loved us then and now and forever! HE IS THE SAME! JESUS does not change!HIS love never changes!Knowing and trusting in that love ...I know that HE cares about what concerns me. We cannot stay worried..we are then wasting the strength that HE gives us for the day at hand! We are not believing HIS WORD and promises if we are worried about tomorrow. The GOD of heaven and earth...our CREATOR....HEAVENLY FATHER...SAVIOR...came down to earth to suffer and die for us. Why would we not believe and trust HIM?! HE loves us and we can bring everything to HIM in prayer! HE waits for us and intercedes for us in our behalf and JESUS prays for us! So what is it that you need to bring before our loving LORD in prayer? Will you trust him with it? Do you believe HE is able to work in thae situation? Do you believe in the power of our HOLY ALMIGHTY LOVING GOD? If you do.....then PRAY.....BELIEVE...TRUST ...and rest in HIS PEACE! Let HIM take it....HE is able to do all things!GOD BLESS YOU!