Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is so easy to get discouraged. All we have to do is put our Bible down and walk out our front door. We could pick up a newspaper or turn on the tv to the latest news. Someone could hurt our feelings, intentionally or not. We could be struggling with a personal trial or trying to overcome a sin pattern.We could be sick physically,emotionally or spiritually. I guess the question is still the same...Are we trusting that GOD is in control? If GOD is in control...than HE has allowed our circumstances to be what they are. HIS WORD says HE loves us. JESUS also says that we will have troubles.My problems arise when I take my eyes off the LORD. When I am not in HIS WORD daily,my focus turns to myself and my troubles. The troubles don't go away, but I remember JESUS is right there with me.I know I am to obey CHRIST no matter the circumstances. In my flesh I want to feel sorry for myself and hide.That is not what CHRIST calls me to do. HE calls me to step forward in faith in HIM and to trust HIM and obey HIM.My circumstances may not change for awhile, but JESUS CHRIST never changes. HE has promised me life with HIM , forever.HE waits for me to turn my eyes back to HIM ...and then HE is my strength and hope.HE has never left,I just got distracted! What a loving GOD we have, how patient is HE....to be right there,beside us,knowing our hearts and thoughts ,and still willing to love us...unconditionally!Every morning is a "new" beginning. We are never alone. JESUS CHRIST is right there with us. HE is the ONE who is sustaining us in our despair...HE loves us with a love everlasting........