Monday, July 6, 2009


I was thinking this morning about how much the LORD JESUS loves us.....even when we are not faithful to spend time with HIM in HIS WORD or come to HIM in thankful ,worshipful prayer. I have to admit I get distracted by daily responsibilities too. However, I am asking JESUS to help me make HIM a priority in my life. GOD provided daily manna for the Israelites in the desert. GOD has provided me with HIS WORD, HIS MANNA, to read daily. I am committed to follow JESUS daily. What a blessing to have GOD'S WORD available to us. When I feast on HIS MANNA,first thing in the morning, daily, I know I will find nourishment, refreshment and strength for the day! What a glorious GOD we serve! HE provides for us daily.... exactly what we need! May you be blessed every morning as you open the WORD of GOD and find HIS love and faithfulness there!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


This morning I prepared my heart for the day...I began it in GOD'S WORD. I read that if I belong to CHRIST ,HE dwells in me by HIS Holy Spirit. So again I have to prepare my heart and mind each day for the LORD. How can I know which way to go? How will I know which path to take if my eyes are not fixed on HIM? In JOHN 1:1 it says , "In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD." Sooooo I say to continually know GOD we must seek HIM in HIS WORD. How does your day go when you do not seek HIM in HIS WORD? I can honestly say I need HIS WORD to encourage, comfort and sustain me! HIS WORD gives me the courage to live a life of victory in CHRIST JESUS! So in the beginning of your day, begin with the WORD! HIS WORD! If we are the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, what better way but to feast on the WORD of GOD and fill our minds and hearts with HIS truth. Let us nourish our hearts with the faithfulness of GOD ! HE has given us a glimpse of HIS heart in HIS WORD......HE loves us and will not forsake us and HE is faithful to finish the work HE began in us! What an amazing GOD we serve!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Just wonderin'....if you are as thankful as I am for the sunrise today? For that matter. what about those flowers...the birds songs....that smile...the breeze....family...friends....children.....hugs....chocolate! You know there is going to be chocolate in heaven! There has to be!
what about each breath we take....every step we are able to take....our sight...all that we hear? GOD is in every part of our life. HE is in control of all things. All HE asks is that we would trust and obey. Trust is the first step.......it is easier to obey when we trust. Do you trust that there will be a sunrise tomorrow? What a beautiful gift from GOD to be thankful for! HIS faithfulness!