Monday, June 29, 2009


How thankful I am for each day! GOD is good! HE provides eactly what we need every day. It is only when we like the grumbling Israelites in EXODUS complain,that HE may give us what we ask for.....but is that what we need? Is it GOD'S will for us? Will it be a blessing or a curse? Will we choke on it as they choked on the quail? So we have to ask ourselves ....is GOD'S WORD enough for us? Is HIS manna all we need...daily? HIS MANNA will nourish us and strengthen us! All we have to do is open HIS WORD and read about HIS promises to see love and provision for us. HIS love and provision! Let HIS MANNA be enough! GOD BLESS!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Have you been trying to please GOD? Working your way into HIS heart? When you have JESUS as your SAVIOR ...the work has already been done! All you have to do is trust GOD! Trust WHO HE says HE is...trust what HE says about you! You must ask yourself...do I believe GOD? You must ask yourself...do I believe GOD'S WORD? If you do believe GOD'S WORD is truth then you have to believe that you are HIS child and that you no longer need to work to please GOD. GOD loves you! You are HIS! Trust HIM to complete the work that HE started in you! GOD BLESS YOU!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We all live in a world where fear can consume us. All we have to do is turn on the tv or radio. If we read the newspaper, well there we are! Another tragedy! I wonder if we would open GOD'S WORD more,myself included ...we would be as haunted by the terrors of the day? Are we trusting in a GOD that loves us? Are we turning to a SAVIOR that died for us when we let circumstances fill us with fear!? How can we not worry or be afraid or tremble? We have to ask ourselves...is GOD real? We then have to ask ourselves....does GOD love me? Then in faith we have to trust in the LIVING GOD in heaven, who came to earth and became flesh so that we would have salvation in HIM. JESUS CHRIST.LOVING...SAVIOR....COMPASSIONATE...MERCIFUL...ETERNAL...HOLY....FAITHFUL...TRUE....EVER WITH US...IMMANUEL....GOD WITH US! Let our hearts invite this wonderful LORD of ours in...and let us trust in HIM alone.

Monday, June 8, 2009


When we trust GOD we allow HIM to work in our lives! We are not perfect....guess what? HE knows! JESUS came to earth for just this reason! When we accept HIM as our LORD and SAVIOR it is HIS righteousness that lives in us. We are HIS! We are saints. Not because anything we did, but what HE accomplished on the CROSS! When we trust in HIM..it is CHRIST who works out in us who HE has chosen us to be from before the beginning of creation! Because HE loves us! All we have to do is trust in JESUS CHRIST! MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH HIS TRUTH!


Have you ever read in GOD'S WORD how GOD came into the Garden of Eden? GOD HIMSELF walked in the Garden! HE was looking for Adam and Eve! HE seeks a relationship with us as HE did with them! The question is ,"Are you willing to come to HIM?"
Adam and Eve had it all! GOD had given them a place to live that was abundant in all they would ever need! They had GOD'S presence! They had a place to tend....food to eat....warmth...sunlight...shelter.GOD had given them all the animals and creation. All the beauty of creation surrounded them.....yet it wasn't enough! The mistake they made was to NOT trust GOD......with all that they had.....they still fell to their own wisdom instead of believing GOD! Instead of believing what GOD said ; they chose to believe a lie........what do you choose?


GOD'S WORD says that the heavens declare the glory of GOD! I challenge you to look up today! Is the sun out? Have you thought about what keeps the sun in it's perfect place?What about the stars? Have you thought about how many galxies there are? How far? How many? What keeps everything in place? What about the birds song? They are all unique. What about the sea creatures at the very depths of the oceans? Some have their own flashlight built right in! The animals? The insects? What about the shape of an ant? The firefly....the ladybug? They all are marked by an intelligent design. They all have a pattern ingrained on them. Look at a starfish.....a zebra......a butterfly.....a bird.......a snake.....a lizard. What about a flower?What about a flowering tree? Can you honestly say there is no intelligent pattern on these creatures or plants? I challenge you to read GOD'S WORD and then LOOK around you....LISTEN.......and LOOK up! Enjoy all that GOD has blessed us with!


What do you trust in? Is it your job? Is it your bank account? Is it your ability? Is it your friends?Is it your family? What about the world? How about world leaders? I have a feeling I may be terrifying you at this point! My intention is not to provoke you to fear but to provoke you to seek out the ONE who can give us peace and hope-JESUS CHRIST! If you seek CHRIST and read HIS WORD you will find that there is nowhere else to place your trust! JESUS is worthy of our trust! GOD'S WORD is truth and HE is FAITHFUL to keep HIS promises!


I opened GOD'S WORD today to HEBREWS 11. I read HEBREWS 11:6- But without faith it is impossible to please HIM,for he who comes to GOD must believe that HE is, and that HE is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.I believe GOD puts the desire for HIM in our hearts. We all have felt that pull to seek HIM out. GOD'S promise is that all who seek HIM will find HIM! Are you feeling the pull!?!? Draw close to GOD and HE will do the rest?!?!?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Casting Crowns/ And Now My LifeSong Sings

East to West by Casting Crowns

Who Am I Casting Crowns


We go along each day and I wonder if we even give GOD a thought?!?! HE is always working....in nature...in the world...in hearts and minds. HE is working in our lives. All we have to do is acknowledge WHO HE IS. Sometimes our lives seem full of struggles. We are disappointed. We grieve. We are fearful. We don't always see GOD working in the backround. When facing difficulties...do you ask GOD..."What are YOU showing me in this?" Is GOD revealing HIS mercy? Is GOD availing to you HIS peace and hope? If only you would reach out to HIM.....Is HE offering you salvation? GOD is faithful to answer our prayers when we call out to HIM! HE loves us with an everlasting love! Are you trusting in HIM? HIS WORD will give you comfort and hope! Have you turned to JESUS CHRIST for an answer to your question? Have you opened GOD'S WORD for an answer to your question? If you haven't ...maybe it is time to do so! GOD has not ever let me down! HIS WORD has always led me to find hope in HIM! I may have not always understood the events, but I know GOD is always working in my life and yours! HE loves us so much and HE offers us so much! A life of abundance in HIM! JESUS CHRIST stands at the door of your life and is knocking......HE won't force HIS way in......but if you bid HIM enter HE will enter your life. A life of mercy and hope and peace and love awaits you with JESUS CHRIST! I pray that you will turn to JESUS and have a life of abundance and blessings with HIM! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!