Thursday, October 29, 2009


GOD works through those who have willing hearts and truly love HIM. It doesn't matter how much education we have or if we lack qualifications...GOD is able and all we have to do is trust HIM and obey. Where would GOD have you serve HIM? Is there a need in your church in Children's Ministry? Our young people need us to step up so they can hear the truth about JESUS CHRIST ! We need to serve the LORD where HE would place us and trust that HE will enable us where HE does place us. If I sound preachy it is because I have a heart for the young. GOD put me in a position to teach HIS WORD. I am far from qualified! I have trusted GOD'S strength and enabling. I rely on HIS HOLY SPIRIT and HIS WORD. The world isn't searching for CHRIST...the children are hungry for HIM and GOD'S WORD. They need to hear about the ONE who loves them so much that HE came and died for them so they could always be with HIM forever. Pray and ask GOD for direction. Pray and ask GOD where HE would want you to serve. HE is faithful to answer your prayers and enable you to serve HIM with excellence. HE loves you! Where is the greatest need in your church? Trust GOD and step forward in faith and share CHRIST where you can. I pray that we all will be bold witnesses for JESUS!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was just thinking over this Bible Study I did and it was about the Samaritin woman at the well. I guess I never realized that it wasn't a chance meeting! The Samaritins were despised by the Jews and viceversa. The Jews would avoid Samaria at all costs,going out of their way,travelling extra miles just so they didn't have to enter their territory. JESUS headed straight in! HE went right to the well where he knew the woman would come at noon to avoid the other women who probably looked down on her. HE asked her for a drink of water and then proceeded to bring her to a place where she would ask for Life Giving Water that only HE could give! HE then revealed who HE is to her! I am totally in awe of our LORD'S compassion,love and patience. HE patiently listened to the woman's remarks and questions. Everytime I read GOD'S WORD there is something new and amazing in it for me to learn! JESUS comes to us....and waits for our response...once we accept HIM as LORD and SAVIOR ...ought we not go run and tell others of HIM?! Just as the Samaritin woman left her waterjug and went to tell others about JESUS. The result was that they came and saw for themselves that JESUS is the MESSIAH! All she said was,"Come and see!"Who will you run and tell about JESUS? JESUS who is our HOPE,our LIGHT in this dark world,our PEACE and our STRENGTH.What will you leave behind? Who will you ask to "Come and See!"?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What have you lifted up to GOD lately? What have you given over to GOD to handle? HE is able to do all things and can take care of anything! Nothing is impossible for GOD! Sometimes I think Christians believe they have to offer up this long ,perfect prayer...GOD wants us to come to HIM as ourselves...with open,honest prayers. HE deserves praise and thanksgiving for all HE has done and all that HE does! We need to confess to HIM where we have strayed and where we need HIS help and strength. We can offer up our petition to HIM with a trusting heart that HE hears us, loves us and cares about us. So what have you taken to JESUS lately in prayer? Aren't you excited to think that GOD can't wait to hear your voice lifted up to HIM?!?! What a loving and compassionate GOD we serve! JESUS CHRIST is our INTERCESSOR and HE prays for us! HE prays for us?! Doesn't that give you pause?! It makes me step back with a grateful heart! When we step back we stop running and can take the time to pray. I only say this because I know what it is like to be busy. Family-serving CHRIST - work etc-etc! The most important thing we can begin our day with besides GOD'S WORD is with prayer! I pray you will step back and take time to spend time with JESUS...what a beautiful place! GOD BLESS YOU!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


There is a peace that passes all understanding. There is a peace that only comes from CHRIST not man or man's efforts. Why has the world forgotten that GOD is in control of all things? If there is any peace it comes from GOD in heaven who has the power and authority to grace us with HIS peace. All that we are and all that we have comes from our gracious heavenly FATHER. HE alone gives us the wisdom we need to accomplish what we must accomplish. So then I wonder why is it that we forget to give HIM the glory for our successes? The world seems to think man is capable of bringing peace to the nations....hmmmmm....can man do any thing without GOD'S approval? Can one man bring peace without GOD'S sovereign approval? Let us give the glory to GOD! Let us thank GOD for anything we successfully accomplish.Let us praise the LORD for HIS compassionate mercy and grace! Let us thank JESUS CHRIST for any peace that is achieved now or in the future. HE is the only one who is able to bring peace to this troubled and confused world. We need JESUS CHRIST! So many turn away from HIM...the peace the world seeks is fleeting...the only hope and peace we can have ..........is in JESUS CHRIST............HE IS IN CONTROL OF ALL THINGS, AND IN THAT ALONE IS PEACE!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Whenever I seek the LORD JESUS in HIS WORD...HE never fails to reveal HIS love and compassion. Every word of the Bible is able to lift me up and restore me. When I am weak GOD is my strength-when I am foolish GOD is my wisdom- when I have sinned against HIM in disobedience, GOD is my restoration-when I am filled with sadness and despair GOD is my peace and my joy. When we seek CHRIST HE is ready to turn our way and encourage us to follow HIM. HIS love bids us to follow. HIS compassion calls to our weary souls. HIS sacrifice for us is all we need to face to understand the depth of HIS love. I ask myself ; "Why would our HOLY, ALMIGHTY GOD come down to earth in human flesh so HE could be mocked, and spit upon and scourged and beaten and be put on a cross for my sins? What is it about me that would warrant this much sacrifice? Ahhh...the truth is it isn't about me...it is about the heighth and width and depth and bredth of GOD'S love! HE says we are of value to HIM and since GOD cannot lie this must be so.HE desires a relationship with us to the point of the Cross. How much do you love CHRIST? Where are you willing to go for HIM? Would you go as far as telling someone about HIS love and sacrifice? What if that is all GOD expected of you? Could you obey JESUS to the point of sharing the truth of HIS Gospel with them? There are so many that have and do risk their lives just to read HIS WORD and to pray and to share JESUS. How far would you go for CHRIST JESUS? Ask yourself,"How far has JESUS CHRIST gone for me?" Only GOD knows your heart and mine. Shall we then in love for our Savior step forward and be bold and serve HIM and tell others about HIM . Tell those who are hurting, that there is hope in this world and it begins with a relationship with JESUS CHRIST! Shall we greedily keep our JESUS to ourselves or shall we with open hearts tell others about the greatest love that there has ever been? Love that can set them free, love that can nourish and restore and sustain them for all eternity! How can we keep all these blessings to ourselves? I believe if we go to JESUS CHRIST in prayer and ask HIM to bring someone into our lives to share HIM with ...HE will be faithful to bring us that person! Ask JESUS to lead you to your ministry, and I guarantee you ...HE will! May GOD bless you on the path that HE will take you on! I know it will be exciting!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This world is turning away from JESUS more and more and we need to be praying! Every news story reveals a need for CHRIST. The world in general does not seek HIM...just as in the time HE was here on earth their are those who choose to reject HIM. JESUS seeks to save us and we turn away.......Prayer is the only answer we have....fervent...sincere prayer! Our world is lost and in serious need of a SAVIOR. They don't know what they are doing. They seek their own way and are heading for eternal seperation from GOD. This is serious! My prayer is that we would begin to pray for our country and our world! JESUS is coming back! HE promised this to us! JESUS is faithful to keep HIS promises! What shall we do until HE returns? How will we answer HIM if HE asks about those HE has placed in our path and didn't hear the gospel from us? How will we explain our silence? This world needs a SAVIOR! JESUS CHRIST is the only way to be saved! If we know this and believe this then we have a obligation to share CHRIST with everyone that GOD places in our path! GOD'S WORD says that whoever believes in JESUS will be saved! So let us share HIM with others today! Pray that GOD will give you the courage and the words...HIS words! There is no time to waste! Share JESUS with someone today!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The world seems to be running away with itself at a breakneck speed! Where are we all rushing to? Would it matter if we chose to get up 30 minutes earlier each morning to spend time with JESUS? We could open GOD'S WORD...pray for HIS understanding and feast on HIS truth before we go out into the world the enemy seems to be filling up with anger and hate and lies. GOD'S WORD is the only place we can find hope and peace and encouragement....EVERYTIME! HE is Faithful! When was the last time you opened GOD'S WORD to the passage of John? Is JESUS the LORD of your life that walks on the water? HE can do all things? Is HE the Son of GOD and the Son of MAN to you? Have you turned to HIM for healing...of your body..your mind...your emotions..your spirit? HE can heal us and is faithful to restore us! We all need to seek CHRIST and to follow HIM in obedience and trust! Have you turned your eyes upon JESUS lately? I guarantee when you do ...HE will be overjoyed and be praying for you! HE will bring tears of repentance,hope and gratitude to your hurting heart and mind! HE is faithful to love us in a world that teaches "me first"! HE put us first when HE went to the Cross! HE knew pain and suffering and loss ..."JESUS wept" the shortest passage in GOD'S WORD yet it says so much to us! Do you know where to find this passage? I challenge you to search this out for yourself! May GOD bless you on the journey to know JESUS CHRIST better! I am praying for you!

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is the day the LORD has made...I will be glad and rejoice in it....because HE is in control of all things...HE loves us..HE never leaves us or forsakes us...HE works out what HE has began in us...HE chose us..HE called us to do good things...HE is faithful....HIS love lasts forever...HE never lies....HE lives to pray for us...HE is our Intercessor....HE hears us....HE knows when bad things happen to us.... HE knows who hurts us....HE goes into battle for us...HE goes before us.....HE has a plan and a purpose for our lives....HE blesses us with Salvation...HE has given us HIS WORD so we will not be lost or confused or discouraged...HE is all that we need..HE is the answer to all our questions...HE is the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO is from everlasting to everlasting.....HE is the Lamb of GOD.....HE is the Lion of Judah....HE is the ONE who loves us the most....This is the day the LORD has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I cannot fathom all the love the LORD has to give us....HE is the Creator of all things and HE is Allmighty GOD. HE knows our thoughts and our selfish hearts and yet HE still decides to lavish HIS love and mercy on us. There is no way I can pay HIM back..HE doesn't need me...HE just loves me..and you! Sometimes I think we can get caught up in what we can do for GOD ...maybe we need to take a step back and open HIS WORD and meditate on it...pray it ....think on WHO HE is...........I love worship and one of my favorites lately is Everlasting GOD. It makes me see how small I am and my circumstances are....compared to eternity with CHRIST. HE is from everlasting to everlasting and HE loves us and HE will not grow weary......my prayer is that I would keep my focus on JESUS through any and all difficulty and that HE would receive all the glory HE deserves! HE is GOOD! Which means HE is Pure and HE is Holy and HE loves us with a "EVERLASTING" love! I pray that you would be blessed by HIS love today! Rely on HIS strength and HIS power! GOD BLESS YOU!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Without YOU LORD JESUS where would I be? YOU have not forsaken me even when I don't deserve YOUR love....who else loves me with that kind of unfailing love? There are those who remain your friends throughout turmoil and difficulty....somehow they are the ones you least expect! What a surprise! GOD in HIS mercy and grace does reveal your true friends in hardship...it can be painful yet it is also is a needful thing. In the end it is good to see how GOD does not forsake you! Those who would be your true friends will love you and encourage you without patronizing or judgemental attitudes. True friends love you with all your imperfections...they do not play the "I Know Better" game! GOD alone is our Judge...and none of us are qualified to throw stones. What a blessing TRUE friends are! Thank YOU LORD!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Oh, how often do we find disappointment and heartache in this world? Friends hurt us unknowingly...some knowingly. Maybe they are going through disappointment and hurt themselves? This life is filled with pain and yet when we turn to JESUS we have all the sweetness we need! We can dive right into HIS arms and find refreshment in HIS stength and love. HIS is a love of truth and honesty. HIS is a love of hope and peace. HIS is a love of faithfulness. What saddens me is when we hurt each other, either by accident or on purpose for any and all kinds of reasons! I am thankful for the unfailing love of JESUS CHRIST. HE who will never leave us or forsake us. HE who knows of the plans HE has for us and it is not to harm us ,but for a good purpose. Let us look straight into a face of love and let HIM wash away our hurts so we can love others. When we show CHRIST to others they experience healing to their hurting hearts and souls. I am thankful to a SAVIOR who allows me to come to HIM again and again for the healing I need. Let us look into a face of pure unfailing love and bask in HIM , the ONE who loves us so much! Then let us share HIM with others!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I was thinking this morning about how much the LORD JESUS loves us.....even when we are not faithful to spend time with HIM in HIS WORD or come to HIM in thankful ,worshipful prayer. I have to admit I get distracted by daily responsibilities too. However, I am asking JESUS to help me make HIM a priority in my life. GOD provided daily manna for the Israelites in the desert. GOD has provided me with HIS WORD, HIS MANNA, to read daily. I am committed to follow JESUS daily. What a blessing to have GOD'S WORD available to us. When I feast on HIS MANNA,first thing in the morning, daily, I know I will find nourishment, refreshment and strength for the day! What a glorious GOD we serve! HE provides for us daily.... exactly what we need! May you be blessed every morning as you open the WORD of GOD and find HIS love and faithfulness there!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


This morning I prepared my heart for the day...I began it in GOD'S WORD. I read that if I belong to CHRIST ,HE dwells in me by HIS Holy Spirit. So again I have to prepare my heart and mind each day for the LORD. How can I know which way to go? How will I know which path to take if my eyes are not fixed on HIM? In JOHN 1:1 it says , "In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD." Sooooo I say to continually know GOD we must seek HIM in HIS WORD. How does your day go when you do not seek HIM in HIS WORD? I can honestly say I need HIS WORD to encourage, comfort and sustain me! HIS WORD gives me the courage to live a life of victory in CHRIST JESUS! So in the beginning of your day, begin with the WORD! HIS WORD! If we are the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, what better way but to feast on the WORD of GOD and fill our minds and hearts with HIS truth. Let us nourish our hearts with the faithfulness of GOD ! HE has given us a glimpse of HIS heart in HIS WORD......HE loves us and will not forsake us and HE is faithful to finish the work HE began in us! What an amazing GOD we serve!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Just wonderin'....if you are as thankful as I am for the sunrise today? For that matter. what about those flowers...the birds songs....that smile...the breeze....family...friends....children.....hugs....chocolate! You know there is going to be chocolate in heaven! There has to be!
what about each breath we take....every step we are able to take....our sight...all that we hear? GOD is in every part of our life. HE is in control of all things. All HE asks is that we would trust and obey. Trust is the first step.......it is easier to obey when we trust. Do you trust that there will be a sunrise tomorrow? What a beautiful gift from GOD to be thankful for! HIS faithfulness!

Monday, June 29, 2009


How thankful I am for each day! GOD is good! HE provides eactly what we need every day. It is only when we like the grumbling Israelites in EXODUS complain,that HE may give us what we ask for.....but is that what we need? Is it GOD'S will for us? Will it be a blessing or a curse? Will we choke on it as they choked on the quail? So we have to ask ourselves ....is GOD'S WORD enough for us? Is HIS manna all we need...daily? HIS MANNA will nourish us and strengthen us! All we have to do is open HIS WORD and read about HIS promises to see love and provision for us. HIS love and provision! Let HIS MANNA be enough! GOD BLESS!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Have you been trying to please GOD? Working your way into HIS heart? When you have JESUS as your SAVIOR ...the work has already been done! All you have to do is trust GOD! Trust WHO HE says HE is...trust what HE says about you! You must ask yourself...do I believe GOD? You must ask yourself...do I believe GOD'S WORD? If you do believe GOD'S WORD is truth then you have to believe that you are HIS child and that you no longer need to work to please GOD. GOD loves you! You are HIS! Trust HIM to complete the work that HE started in you! GOD BLESS YOU!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We all live in a world where fear can consume us. All we have to do is turn on the tv or radio. If we read the newspaper, well there we are! Another tragedy! I wonder if we would open GOD'S WORD more,myself included ...we would be as haunted by the terrors of the day? Are we trusting in a GOD that loves us? Are we turning to a SAVIOR that died for us when we let circumstances fill us with fear!? How can we not worry or be afraid or tremble? We have to ask ourselves...is GOD real? We then have to ask ourselves....does GOD love me? Then in faith we have to trust in the LIVING GOD in heaven, who came to earth and became flesh so that we would have salvation in HIM. JESUS CHRIST.LOVING...SAVIOR....COMPASSIONATE...MERCIFUL...ETERNAL...HOLY....FAITHFUL...TRUE....EVER WITH US...IMMANUEL....GOD WITH US! Let our hearts invite this wonderful LORD of ours in...and let us trust in HIM alone.

Monday, June 8, 2009


When we trust GOD we allow HIM to work in our lives! We are not perfect....guess what? HE knows! JESUS came to earth for just this reason! When we accept HIM as our LORD and SAVIOR it is HIS righteousness that lives in us. We are HIS! We are saints. Not because anything we did, but what HE accomplished on the CROSS! When we trust in HIM..it is CHRIST who works out in us who HE has chosen us to be from before the beginning of creation! Because HE loves us! All we have to do is trust in JESUS CHRIST! MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH HIS TRUTH!


Have you ever read in GOD'S WORD how GOD came into the Garden of Eden? GOD HIMSELF walked in the Garden! HE was looking for Adam and Eve! HE seeks a relationship with us as HE did with them! The question is ,"Are you willing to come to HIM?"
Adam and Eve had it all! GOD had given them a place to live that was abundant in all they would ever need! They had GOD'S presence! They had a place to tend....food to eat....warmth...sunlight...shelter.GOD had given them all the animals and creation. All the beauty of creation surrounded them.....yet it wasn't enough! The mistake they made was to NOT trust GOD......with all that they had.....they still fell to their own wisdom instead of believing GOD! Instead of believing what GOD said ; they chose to believe a lie........what do you choose?


GOD'S WORD says that the heavens declare the glory of GOD! I challenge you to look up today! Is the sun out? Have you thought about what keeps the sun in it's perfect place?What about the stars? Have you thought about how many galxies there are? How far? How many? What keeps everything in place? What about the birds song? They are all unique. What about the sea creatures at the very depths of the oceans? Some have their own flashlight built right in! The animals? The insects? What about the shape of an ant? The firefly....the ladybug? They all are marked by an intelligent design. They all have a pattern ingrained on them. Look at a starfish.....a zebra......a butterfly.....a bird.......a snake.....a lizard. What about a flower?What about a flowering tree? Can you honestly say there is no intelligent pattern on these creatures or plants? I challenge you to read GOD'S WORD and then LOOK around you....LISTEN.......and LOOK up! Enjoy all that GOD has blessed us with!


What do you trust in? Is it your job? Is it your bank account? Is it your ability? Is it your friends?Is it your family? What about the world? How about world leaders? I have a feeling I may be terrifying you at this point! My intention is not to provoke you to fear but to provoke you to seek out the ONE who can give us peace and hope-JESUS CHRIST! If you seek CHRIST and read HIS WORD you will find that there is nowhere else to place your trust! JESUS is worthy of our trust! GOD'S WORD is truth and HE is FAITHFUL to keep HIS promises!


I opened GOD'S WORD today to HEBREWS 11. I read HEBREWS 11:6- But without faith it is impossible to please HIM,for he who comes to GOD must believe that HE is, and that HE is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.I believe GOD puts the desire for HIM in our hearts. We all have felt that pull to seek HIM out. GOD'S promise is that all who seek HIM will find HIM! Are you feeling the pull!?!? Draw close to GOD and HE will do the rest?!?!?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Casting Crowns/ And Now My LifeSong Sings

East to West by Casting Crowns

Who Am I Casting Crowns


We go along each day and I wonder if we even give GOD a thought?!?! HE is always working....in nature...in the world...in hearts and minds. HE is working in our lives. All we have to do is acknowledge WHO HE IS. Sometimes our lives seem full of struggles. We are disappointed. We grieve. We are fearful. We don't always see GOD working in the backround. When facing difficulties...do you ask GOD..."What are YOU showing me in this?" Is GOD revealing HIS mercy? Is GOD availing to you HIS peace and hope? If only you would reach out to HIM.....Is HE offering you salvation? GOD is faithful to answer our prayers when we call out to HIM! HE loves us with an everlasting love! Are you trusting in HIM? HIS WORD will give you comfort and hope! Have you turned to JESUS CHRIST for an answer to your question? Have you opened GOD'S WORD for an answer to your question? If you haven't ...maybe it is time to do so! GOD has not ever let me down! HIS WORD has always led me to find hope in HIM! I may have not always understood the events, but I know GOD is always working in my life and yours! HE loves us so much and HE offers us so much! A life of abundance in HIM! JESUS CHRIST stands at the door of your life and is knocking......HE won't force HIS way in......but if you bid HIM enter HE will enter your life. A life of mercy and hope and peace and love awaits you with JESUS CHRIST! I pray that you will turn to JESUS and have a life of abundance and blessings with HIM! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I challenge any skeptics out there to read the Bible for themselves...the whole Bible! Once you do share what you have read with others...what did the Bible say to you personally? Ask them,"What does the Bible mean to you?"REMEMBER....GOD'S WORD does not go out void! PRAISE GOD! GOD'S WORD spoke to me a number of years ago and I am thankful to have the peace and hope of having the LORD JESUS CHRIST as my Savior. HE is longing to have you come to HIM also! JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! HIS WORD is LIFE to me! To me the Bible is the Holy WORD of GOD. It is GOD breathed. It is what nourishes and sustains me in this difficult world. The Bible tells me WHO GOD is. The Bible shows me WHO I belong to. The Bible reveals to me just how valuable I am to GOD. You are valuable to GOD too! The Bible shows me exactly what JESUS CHRIST did for me and you on the Cross.Salvation is of the LORD and comes from the LORD. It is a free gift. Isaiah spoke of JESUS in the Old Teatament book of Isaiah 53.I challenge you to look up Isaiah 53...read it...and honestly ask GOD to reveal truth to you. Can you really explain it away simply? The similarities of what Isaiah mentioned about the Messiah and JESUS CHRIST? As you read GOD'S WORD I pray that HE would open your heart and mind to the truth of the hope that we have in JESUS CHRIST! May GOD BLESS you!

Monday, May 18, 2009


As I read my Bible this morning I was thankful for the privilige to read it without fear of imprisonment or death. I know that sounds harsh, however...how often do we take for granted that book that sits on our shelf or coffee table! There are places in the world where Christians are not so blessed. They have to hide the WORD of GOD. They cannot openly read their Bible. How thankful should we be that we can read GOD'S WORD out in the open if we choose?! What a blessing and a gift from GOD! So when will you open GOD'S WORD to see all that HE has for you?! Will you choose to begin at the beginning? GENESIS 1:1 In the beginning GOD...Will you jump right to the Gospels? JESUS said to her," I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in ME, though he may die,he shall live.And whoever lives and believes in ME shall never die. JOHN 11:25 JESUS promises everlasting LIFE with HIM! Will you go to the book of Daniel to read about Daniel's friends? Do you know who Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah are? What about the lion's den?! Will you read Revelation? I will give you a clue..JESUS IS VICTORIOUS! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! Open GOD'S WORD now! TODAY! There is a plan and a purpose in GOD'S loving WORD! HE has a plan for your life so that you should not perish and if you trust in JESUS CHRIST as your SAVIOR already ...be encouraged by HIS LIVING WORD! Open GOD'S WORD and trust in HIM alone for your future and your hope! Don't look to this world for help, you will not find it.GOD IS IN CONTROL OF ALL THINGS! IT IS TO HIM THAT WE SHOULD LOOK TO FOR OUR STRENGTH AND FOR HELP AND HOPE! HE is a loving and merciful GOD WHO has given us a glimpse into HIS heart by giving us HIS WORD! I encourage you to read GOD'S WORD today! You will find TRUTH there! May GOD bless you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Word Of God Speak - MercyMe

MercyMe "Finally Home" Video

I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe


What a blessing to have GOD'S WORD available to us at any time . All we have to do is open up the bible! What does GOD have for you? What does HE want for you? How does HE feel about you? Where would HE have you go? How would HE have you serve HIM? What has HE already done for you? So many questions! What are the answers?! Will you be brave enough to see what they are?!Open HIS WORD to see the beautiful promises of GOD FOR YOU! May you be blessed as you read HIS WORD! Search the scriptures to see how GOD does have a plan and purpose for your life! PRAISE GOD that HE draws us near to HIM! PRAISE GOD that HE has given us HIS WORD to get to know HIM better! PRAISE GOD!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Challenge!

We read so many different books. We are surrounded by magazines at the checkout lines. We read the newspaper to see what was the latest disaster.We read the junk mail that we receive almost daily. Yet it seems most of us can't seem to find time to open GOD'S WORD. What would happen if we read a passage from PSALMS every morning? What if we took time in our day to read the red letters in the New Testament? What if we read Proverbs , Isaiah, Daniel or Esther? What if we read from the Gospels before we went to sleep every evening? What if we read a PSALM every evening? Would we change? Would our priorities change? Would we talk differently? Would we act differently? Would we think differently? Would we have hope? Would we have peace? Would we be assured of our purpose? Would we have thankful hearts instead of always wanting more? Would we be kinder to each other? I am curious to see who is up for this challenge! Does the Bible encourage and comfort? Does the Bible change men's hearts? I challenge you to open the Bible and see for yourself. What does the Bible have for you? What special message...is waiting for you? Open the Bible and see and may GOD bless you!