Thursday, September 24, 2009


This world is turning away from JESUS more and more and we need to be praying! Every news story reveals a need for CHRIST. The world in general does not seek HIM...just as in the time HE was here on earth their are those who choose to reject HIM. JESUS seeks to save us and we turn away.......Prayer is the only answer we have....fervent...sincere prayer! Our world is lost and in serious need of a SAVIOR. They don't know what they are doing. They seek their own way and are heading for eternal seperation from GOD. This is serious! My prayer is that we would begin to pray for our country and our world! JESUS is coming back! HE promised this to us! JESUS is faithful to keep HIS promises! What shall we do until HE returns? How will we answer HIM if HE asks about those HE has placed in our path and didn't hear the gospel from us? How will we explain our silence? This world needs a SAVIOR! JESUS CHRIST is the only way to be saved! If we know this and believe this then we have a obligation to share CHRIST with everyone that GOD places in our path! GOD'S WORD says that whoever believes in JESUS will be saved! So let us share HIM with others today! Pray that GOD will give you the courage and the words...HIS words! There is no time to waste! Share JESUS with someone today!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The world seems to be running away with itself at a breakneck speed! Where are we all rushing to? Would it matter if we chose to get up 30 minutes earlier each morning to spend time with JESUS? We could open GOD'S WORD...pray for HIS understanding and feast on HIS truth before we go out into the world the enemy seems to be filling up with anger and hate and lies. GOD'S WORD is the only place we can find hope and peace and encouragement....EVERYTIME! HE is Faithful! When was the last time you opened GOD'S WORD to the passage of John? Is JESUS the LORD of your life that walks on the water? HE can do all things? Is HE the Son of GOD and the Son of MAN to you? Have you turned to HIM for healing...of your body..your mind...your emotions..your spirit? HE can heal us and is faithful to restore us! We all need to seek CHRIST and to follow HIM in obedience and trust! Have you turned your eyes upon JESUS lately? I guarantee when you do ...HE will be overjoyed and be praying for you! HE will bring tears of repentance,hope and gratitude to your hurting heart and mind! HE is faithful to love us in a world that teaches "me first"! HE put us first when HE went to the Cross! HE knew pain and suffering and loss ..."JESUS wept" the shortest passage in GOD'S WORD yet it says so much to us! Do you know where to find this passage? I challenge you to search this out for yourself! May GOD bless you on the journey to know JESUS CHRIST better! I am praying for you!

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is the day the LORD has made...I will be glad and rejoice in it....because HE is in control of all things...HE loves us..HE never leaves us or forsakes us...HE works out what HE has began in us...HE chose us..HE called us to do good things...HE is faithful....HIS love lasts forever...HE never lies....HE lives to pray for us...HE is our Intercessor....HE hears us....HE knows when bad things happen to us.... HE knows who hurts us....HE goes into battle for us...HE goes before us.....HE has a plan and a purpose for our lives....HE blesses us with Salvation...HE has given us HIS WORD so we will not be lost or confused or discouraged...HE is all that we need..HE is the answer to all our questions...HE is the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO is from everlasting to everlasting.....HE is the Lamb of GOD.....HE is the Lion of Judah....HE is the ONE who loves us the most....This is the day the LORD has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I cannot fathom all the love the LORD has to give us....HE is the Creator of all things and HE is Allmighty GOD. HE knows our thoughts and our selfish hearts and yet HE still decides to lavish HIS love and mercy on us. There is no way I can pay HIM back..HE doesn't need me...HE just loves me..and you! Sometimes I think we can get caught up in what we can do for GOD ...maybe we need to take a step back and open HIS WORD and meditate on it...pray it ....think on WHO HE is...........I love worship and one of my favorites lately is Everlasting GOD. It makes me see how small I am and my circumstances are....compared to eternity with CHRIST. HE is from everlasting to everlasting and HE loves us and HE will not grow weary......my prayer is that I would keep my focus on JESUS through any and all difficulty and that HE would receive all the glory HE deserves! HE is GOOD! Which means HE is Pure and HE is Holy and HE loves us with a "EVERLASTING" love! I pray that you would be blessed by HIS love today! Rely on HIS strength and HIS power! GOD BLESS YOU!