Thursday, January 21, 2010


Let us remember to pray for the people of Haiti. There are so many without food, water, shelter, medical help. We received an email from a pastor our church sponsors there. He was trying to prepare the words for the funeral of a 15 year old. There are so many needs to pray for! Those who don't know CHRIST are totally without hope and in despair. I pray that someone would reach them not only with the physical needs, but with spiritual hope and comfort. There is so much devastation there. Before the earthquake, our church was trying to send a tractor over to Haiti. We never quite could get all the funds needed. I believe GOD was protecting the tractor for them. If we would have sent it , I am sure it would have been destroyed in the earthquake. My prayer now is that they will receive the tractor there at the right time. GOD'S timing. GOD is in control of all things. HE is a GOD of mercy. HIS ways are above ours. One thing we can do is to pray and trust that HE will give courage, hope, and srength to those who need HIM desperately now. We as a church can get together and send support to the people of Haiti through our churches and through our missionaries. There are so many children there who are homeless and without family now more than ever. I pray that the LORD would provide what they need. HE alone can. We can be HIS hands and feet.


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