Monday, January 11, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ever wonder what those words really entail? We know it is a "new" year, but what has really changed? Happy....what does happy really mean? It is different for all of us. I pray that JESUS would continue to work out in me the work HE has begun in me...and you....what HE has started would continue on.....that we all would be more obedient to HIS direction and call. I pray for HIS continued peace and joy. Everlasting contentment in all situations. Content with what HE has done and what HE is doing and what HE has promised to do! This journey is not easy. It is different for each one of us. I am so thankful that our LORD meets us where we are and never leaves us! JESUS knows us and HE still loves us! I can't fathom that, but I am thankful for HIM and for HIS love. GOD'S WORD says lean not on your own understanding.......Sometimes I wonder why do I worry or let fear get a grip on me for my situations or what my family or friends have struggles in. I haven't lost hope, yet I become fearful. I know GOD is in control of all things! I know GOD is GOOD! I think for me the answer is pretty simple...I have taken my eyes off "who" GOD is. HE is LORD ALMIGHTY ,POWERFUL and able to accomplish all things,HE knows what is best and what we need. HE is HOLY and RIGHTEOUS,yet MERCIFUL,PATIENT and LOVING.HE is our PROVIDER,SAVIOR,REDEEMER,GUIDE,PROTECTOR,ROCK,STRONG TOWER, SHEPHERD,THE GATE,LIVING WATER,BREAD OF LIFE,HE is able to heal us physically,spiritually,mentally,and emotionally.HE is all we need. Time to keep my eyes on HIM! So I guess I will pray for you to have A BLESSED YEAR WITH JESUS.....seeking HIM in HIS WORD....relying on....trusting in and abiding in HIM ...CONTENT IN HIM......GOD BLESS YOU!

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