Thursday, April 22, 2010


When we feel helpless during a family members illness....or a friends financial difficulty...we can turn to the LORD and lift up our concerns to HIM in prayer! What better place to take our concerns...but to the ONE who gave up everything for us. JESUS took our sins upon HIMSELF and our punishment. HE gave up HIS dignity and they took alll HIS material possessions away so that HE would be naked before those that would crucify HIM. HE was laid bare before GOD. We can not ever hide our heart before GOD. All of who we are is laid bare before GOD'S eyes. What amazes me is that HE loves us and JESUS willingly went to the Cross for us.We need to acknowledge WHO JESUS IS...and then accept HIM as LORD and SAVIOR of our lives!HE loved us then and now and forever! HE IS THE SAME! JESUS does not change!HIS love never changes!Knowing and trusting in that love ...I know that HE cares about what concerns me. We cannot stay worried..we are then wasting the strength that HE gives us for the day at hand! We are not believing HIS WORD and promises if we are worried about tomorrow. The GOD of heaven and earth...our CREATOR....HEAVENLY FATHER...SAVIOR...came down to earth to suffer and die for us. Why would we not believe and trust HIM?! HE loves us and we can bring everything to HIM in prayer! HE waits for us and intercedes for us in our behalf and JESUS prays for us! So what is it that you need to bring before our loving LORD in prayer? Will you trust him with it? Do you believe HE is able to work in thae situation? Do you believe in the power of our HOLY ALMIGHTY LOVING GOD? If you do.....then PRAY.....BELIEVE...TRUST ...and rest in HIS PEACE! Let HIM take it....HE is able to do all things!GOD BLESS YOU!


  1. Thank you so much for such an uplifting and inspiring message of Hope. God bless, Lloyd