Monday, June 29, 2009


How thankful I am for each day! GOD is good! HE provides eactly what we need every day. It is only when we like the grumbling Israelites in EXODUS complain,that HE may give us what we ask for.....but is that what we need? Is it GOD'S will for us? Will it be a blessing or a curse? Will we choke on it as they choked on the quail? So we have to ask ourselves ....is GOD'S WORD enough for us? Is HIS manna all we need...daily? HIS MANNA will nourish us and strengthen us! All we have to do is open HIS WORD and read about HIS promises to see love and provision for us. HIS love and provision! Let HIS MANNA be enough! GOD BLESS!

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