Monday, June 8, 2009


GOD'S WORD says that the heavens declare the glory of GOD! I challenge you to look up today! Is the sun out? Have you thought about what keeps the sun in it's perfect place?What about the stars? Have you thought about how many galxies there are? How far? How many? What keeps everything in place? What about the birds song? They are all unique. What about the sea creatures at the very depths of the oceans? Some have their own flashlight built right in! The animals? The insects? What about the shape of an ant? The firefly....the ladybug? They all are marked by an intelligent design. They all have a pattern ingrained on them. Look at a starfish.....a zebra......a butterfly.....a bird.......a snake.....a lizard. What about a flower?What about a flowering tree? Can you honestly say there is no intelligent pattern on these creatures or plants? I challenge you to read GOD'S WORD and then LOOK around you....LISTEN.......and LOOK up! Enjoy all that GOD has blessed us with!

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