Saturday, June 20, 2009


We all live in a world where fear can consume us. All we have to do is turn on the tv or radio. If we read the newspaper, well there we are! Another tragedy! I wonder if we would open GOD'S WORD more,myself included ...we would be as haunted by the terrors of the day? Are we trusting in a GOD that loves us? Are we turning to a SAVIOR that died for us when we let circumstances fill us with fear!? How can we not worry or be afraid or tremble? We have to ask ourselves...is GOD real? We then have to ask ourselves....does GOD love me? Then in faith we have to trust in the LIVING GOD in heaven, who came to earth and became flesh so that we would have salvation in HIM. JESUS CHRIST.LOVING...SAVIOR....COMPASSIONATE...MERCIFUL...ETERNAL...HOLY....FAITHFUL...TRUE....EVER WITH US...IMMANUEL....GOD WITH US! Let our hearts invite this wonderful LORD of ours in...and let us trust in HIM alone.

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