Monday, June 8, 2009


Have you ever read in GOD'S WORD how GOD came into the Garden of Eden? GOD HIMSELF walked in the Garden! HE was looking for Adam and Eve! HE seeks a relationship with us as HE did with them! The question is ,"Are you willing to come to HIM?"
Adam and Eve had it all! GOD had given them a place to live that was abundant in all they would ever need! They had GOD'S presence! They had a place to tend....food to eat....warmth...sunlight...shelter.GOD had given them all the animals and creation. All the beauty of creation surrounded them.....yet it wasn't enough! The mistake they made was to NOT trust GOD......with all that they had.....they still fell to their own wisdom instead of believing GOD! Instead of believing what GOD said ; they chose to believe a lie........what do you choose?

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