Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hope all had a blessed Easter! What a day to celebrate! JESUS is Risen! HE is Alive! HE loves us! I saw a license plate today that read...WAITIN....Yes..I am "waitin" too! I am anxious for HIS return! When I think on all that JESUS is...WHO HE is...what HE has done for all of us...how HE works in our hearts and in our lives...HE never gives up on us....HIS love....I could go on forever.....HE amazes me! HIS love astounds me! HE is all we will ever need! HE is the answer to every question we will ever have! He is Alive! JESUS is sitting at the right hand of GOD.... and HE loves us so! I pray that you would focus all your attention on JESUS and trust in HIS sovereignty! HE is in control!
may GOD bless you......

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