Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was just thinking over this Bible Study I did and it was about the Samaritin woman at the well. I guess I never realized that it wasn't a chance meeting! The Samaritins were despised by the Jews and viceversa. The Jews would avoid Samaria at all costs,going out of their way,travelling extra miles just so they didn't have to enter their territory. JESUS headed straight in! HE went right to the well where he knew the woman would come at noon to avoid the other women who probably looked down on her. HE asked her for a drink of water and then proceeded to bring her to a place where she would ask for Life Giving Water that only HE could give! HE then revealed who HE is to her! I am totally in awe of our LORD'S compassion,love and patience. HE patiently listened to the woman's remarks and questions. Everytime I read GOD'S WORD there is something new and amazing in it for me to learn! JESUS comes to us....and waits for our response...once we accept HIM as LORD and SAVIOR ...ought we not go run and tell others of HIM?! Just as the Samaritin woman left her waterjug and went to tell others about JESUS. The result was that they came and saw for themselves that JESUS is the MESSIAH! All she said was,"Come and see!"Who will you run and tell about JESUS? JESUS who is our HOPE,our LIGHT in this dark world,our PEACE and our STRENGTH.What will you leave behind? Who will you ask to "Come and See!"?


  1. Jesus always goes straight to those in need. We need to follow HIS example.

  2. I have a priest friend who says that this is his favorite story in the whole Bible. He sees it as the epitome of Jesus in love reaching out to everyone, no matter who we are.