Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What have you lifted up to GOD lately? What have you given over to GOD to handle? HE is able to do all things and can take care of anything! Nothing is impossible for GOD! Sometimes I think Christians believe they have to offer up this long ,perfect prayer...GOD wants us to come to HIM as ourselves...with open,honest prayers. HE deserves praise and thanksgiving for all HE has done and all that HE does! We need to confess to HIM where we have strayed and where we need HIS help and strength. We can offer up our petition to HIM with a trusting heart that HE hears us, loves us and cares about us. So what have you taken to JESUS lately in prayer? Aren't you excited to think that GOD can't wait to hear your voice lifted up to HIM?!?! What a loving and compassionate GOD we serve! JESUS CHRIST is our INTERCESSOR and HE prays for us! HE prays for us?! Doesn't that give you pause?! It makes me step back with a grateful heart! When we step back we stop running and can take the time to pray. I only say this because I know what it is like to be busy. Family-serving CHRIST - work etc-etc! The most important thing we can begin our day with besides GOD'S WORD is with prayer! I pray you will step back and take time to spend time with JESUS...what a beautiful place! GOD BLESS YOU!


  1. Great post...always great to be reminded to stay at the feet of JESUS!

    Blessings, andrea