Monday, October 5, 2009


Whenever I seek the LORD JESUS in HIS WORD...HE never fails to reveal HIS love and compassion. Every word of the Bible is able to lift me up and restore me. When I am weak GOD is my strength-when I am foolish GOD is my wisdom- when I have sinned against HIM in disobedience, GOD is my restoration-when I am filled with sadness and despair GOD is my peace and my joy. When we seek CHRIST HE is ready to turn our way and encourage us to follow HIM. HIS love bids us to follow. HIS compassion calls to our weary souls. HIS sacrifice for us is all we need to face to understand the depth of HIS love. I ask myself ; "Why would our HOLY, ALMIGHTY GOD come down to earth in human flesh so HE could be mocked, and spit upon and scourged and beaten and be put on a cross for my sins? What is it about me that would warrant this much sacrifice? Ahhh...the truth is it isn't about me...it is about the heighth and width and depth and bredth of GOD'S love! HE says we are of value to HIM and since GOD cannot lie this must be so.HE desires a relationship with us to the point of the Cross. How much do you love CHRIST? Where are you willing to go for HIM? Would you go as far as telling someone about HIS love and sacrifice? What if that is all GOD expected of you? Could you obey JESUS to the point of sharing the truth of HIS Gospel with them? There are so many that have and do risk their lives just to read HIS WORD and to pray and to share JESUS. How far would you go for CHRIST JESUS? Ask yourself,"How far has JESUS CHRIST gone for me?" Only GOD knows your heart and mine. Shall we then in love for our Savior step forward and be bold and serve HIM and tell others about HIM . Tell those who are hurting, that there is hope in this world and it begins with a relationship with JESUS CHRIST! Shall we greedily keep our JESUS to ourselves or shall we with open hearts tell others about the greatest love that there has ever been? Love that can set them free, love that can nourish and restore and sustain them for all eternity! How can we keep all these blessings to ourselves? I believe if we go to JESUS CHRIST in prayer and ask HIM to bring someone into our lives to share HIM with ...HE will be faithful to bring us that person! Ask JESUS to lead you to your ministry, and I guarantee you ...HE will! May GOD bless you on the path that HE will take you on! I know it will be exciting!

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful post. Our God's love for us is so very amazing. We cannot fathom the depth, width, length, or height of his love for us.

    You may enjoy some words of encouragement in my blog -- hopeforhurtinghearts@blogspot.com. The Lord bless you in your blogging.
    Sandy Groom