Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I challenge any skeptics out there to read the Bible for themselves...the whole Bible! Once you do share what you have read with others...what did the Bible say to you personally? Ask them,"What does the Bible mean to you?"REMEMBER....GOD'S WORD does not go out void! PRAISE GOD! GOD'S WORD spoke to me a number of years ago and I am thankful to have the peace and hope of having the LORD JESUS CHRIST as my Savior. HE is longing to have you come to HIM also! JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! HIS WORD is LIFE to me! To me the Bible is the Holy WORD of GOD. It is GOD breathed. It is what nourishes and sustains me in this difficult world. The Bible tells me WHO GOD is. The Bible shows me WHO I belong to. The Bible reveals to me just how valuable I am to GOD. You are valuable to GOD too! The Bible shows me exactly what JESUS CHRIST did for me and you on the Cross.Salvation is of the LORD and comes from the LORD. It is a free gift. Isaiah spoke of JESUS in the Old Teatament book of Isaiah 53.I challenge you to look up Isaiah 53...read it...and honestly ask GOD to reveal truth to you. Can you really explain it away simply? The similarities of what Isaiah mentioned about the Messiah and JESUS CHRIST? As you read GOD'S WORD I pray that HE would open your heart and mind to the truth of the hope that we have in JESUS CHRIST! May GOD BLESS you!

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