Monday, May 11, 2009


What a blessing to have GOD'S WORD available to us at any time . All we have to do is open up the bible! What does GOD have for you? What does HE want for you? How does HE feel about you? Where would HE have you go? How would HE have you serve HIM? What has HE already done for you? So many questions! What are the answers?! Will you be brave enough to see what they are?!Open HIS WORD to see the beautiful promises of GOD FOR YOU! May you be blessed as you read HIS WORD! Search the scriptures to see how GOD does have a plan and purpose for your life! PRAISE GOD that HE draws us near to HIM! PRAISE GOD that HE has given us HIS WORD to get to know HIM better! PRAISE GOD!

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