Thursday, September 10, 2009


The world seems to be running away with itself at a breakneck speed! Where are we all rushing to? Would it matter if we chose to get up 30 minutes earlier each morning to spend time with JESUS? We could open GOD'S WORD...pray for HIS understanding and feast on HIS truth before we go out into the world the enemy seems to be filling up with anger and hate and lies. GOD'S WORD is the only place we can find hope and peace and encouragement....EVERYTIME! HE is Faithful! When was the last time you opened GOD'S WORD to the passage of John? Is JESUS the LORD of your life that walks on the water? HE can do all things? Is HE the Son of GOD and the Son of MAN to you? Have you turned to HIM for healing...of your body..your mind...your emotions..your spirit? HE can heal us and is faithful to restore us! We all need to seek CHRIST and to follow HIM in obedience and trust! Have you turned your eyes upon JESUS lately? I guarantee when you do ...HE will be overjoyed and be praying for you! HE will bring tears of repentance,hope and gratitude to your hurting heart and mind! HE is faithful to love us in a world that teaches "me first"! HE put us first when HE went to the Cross! HE knew pain and suffering and loss ..."JESUS wept" the shortest passage in GOD'S WORD yet it says so much to us! Do you know where to find this passage? I challenge you to search this out for yourself! May GOD bless you on the journey to know JESUS CHRIST better! I am praying for you!

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