Saturday, August 29, 2009


Without YOU LORD JESUS where would I be? YOU have not forsaken me even when I don't deserve YOUR love....who else loves me with that kind of unfailing love? There are those who remain your friends throughout turmoil and difficulty....somehow they are the ones you least expect! What a surprise! GOD in HIS mercy and grace does reveal your true friends in hardship...it can be painful yet it is also is a needful thing. In the end it is good to see how GOD does not forsake you! Those who would be your true friends will love you and encourage you without patronizing or judgemental attitudes. True friends love you with all your imperfections...they do not play the "I Know Better" game! GOD alone is our Judge...and none of us are qualified to throw stones. What a blessing TRUE friends are! Thank YOU LORD!


  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sharing this :)

  2. Hello, you have such a beautiful blog I just had to leave you a small note to say thank you for sharing it ! You have written some lovely interesting and creative posts, and you have great pictures too. Perfection !

    Best wishes....

  3. Love your blog, and all the great messages! I'll be back often to get my fill..

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