Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Challenge!

We read so many different books. We are surrounded by magazines at the checkout lines. We read the newspaper to see what was the latest disaster.We read the junk mail that we receive almost daily. Yet it seems most of us can't seem to find time to open GOD'S WORD. What would happen if we read a passage from PSALMS every morning? What if we took time in our day to read the red letters in the New Testament? What if we read Proverbs , Isaiah, Daniel or Esther? What if we read from the Gospels before we went to sleep every evening? What if we read a PSALM every evening? Would we change? Would our priorities change? Would we talk differently? Would we act differently? Would we think differently? Would we have hope? Would we have peace? Would we be assured of our purpose? Would we have thankful hearts instead of always wanting more? Would we be kinder to each other? I am curious to see who is up for this challenge! Does the Bible encourage and comfort? Does the Bible change men's hearts? I challenge you to open the Bible and see for yourself. What does the Bible have for you? What special message...is waiting for you? Open the Bible and see and may GOD bless you!


  1. Welcome to Blogland!!

    Hopefully more people do read Sacred Scripture...presently I read the 365 day Bible which gives a daily reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and proverbs. It does keep life in focus.



  2. Where would we be without GOD'S WORD?!